Friday night saw our club once again gathering together to celebrate Christmas & another great year. These Christmas parties seem to come around quicker each year, which isn’t such a bad thing seeing as they are so much fun!

A couple of weeks to rest up & then full steam ahead for Australia Day.

President Clive reflects on a great year for our club.

Malcolm is a little surprised by his Kris Kringle Gift…

Malcolm’s wife, Sarah, trying to talk him in to swapping gifts, but …too late, he’s smitten with the bracelets!

Will he ever remove those bracelets?
Is Lynne telling another rude joke?
Annette & President Clive. What? No wine in sight? Very strange!

Annette looking very pleased with her gft.

Hold tight to that gift, Ken, because President Clive looks ready to snatch it.

Graham on the hunt for the best gift. Clive does seem to be hovering around that gift table a bit?

David looks very happy, while Clive appears to be looking for a year? On a doz@$99 bottle?
Newest Member Mark & his lovely wife LJ getting right into the Christmas spirit.

The ladies looking very demure.

Rick & June enjoying the evening.

Bob & Keith sporting their bon-bon hats.


What a wonderful night as thousands of locals packed the Buderim Village Green to join with our community in celebrating Christmas together.

Full accolades to BWMCA, Andrew Butterworth & all the volunteers for working tirelessly to ensure the success of the night. Great job guys!

Thousands of locals packed Buderim Village Park

Buderim Rotary was flat out sizzling up delicious hamburgers for the hungry hoards. Whilst we all worked hard & rumor has it that most of us hit the cot VERY early that night, particular praise has to go to Ken & Malcolm who started the day at around 1.00 with Buderim Muscle, & worked tirelessly through to around 8.30.

And now…brace ourselves for Festival on The Green this weekend.


Ken, Cathy & David Manning the BBQ for Buderim Gardens Christmas Fair

Buderim Gardens puts on a Christmas fair each year selling some fabulous crafts & treats. The homemade cakes & slices are absolutely delicious.

Our club was invited again to fire up the BBQ for a sausage sizzle with all money raised going to support Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre’s ‘Sleep Bus’. This a great initiative of MNC & our club is always keen to do what we can to support it.

Despite being a very hot day, as usual, we enjoyed ourselves!

Cath Manuel ‘Soil to Supper’

Cath Manuel presents on ‘Soil to Supper’

What a great Guest Speaker at Friday’s meeting! Cath Manuel is a Horticulturist specializing in Therapeutic Horticulture. Through her business ‘Soil to Supper’, Cath delivers onsite garden-based programs to enable people from all walks of life to access garden, engage in activities, grow fresh food, build connections & cultivate wellbeing.
Cath has a great passion for sharing her vast knowledge, & many years of experience, in the Horticulture & Therapeutic Horticulture fields to encourage people of all ages & abilities to experience the joy of gardening & growing healthy food in any setting.

President Clive thanks Guest Speaker Cath Manuel for her very interesting presentation.

Thanks, Cath, for a wonderful presentation. The photos in your presentation indicate what a difference your program can make.

If you’d like to hear interesting speakers such as Cath, feel free to contact us to book a place for lunch at our Friday meeting.

Ross Eason ‘4556’

Most of our Buderim locals would have either seen or heard of Ross Eason’s recently released book ‘4556’. We enjoyed having Ross as our Guest Speaker at Friday’s meeting to tell us more about the book & how it came to be.

Ross explained that it took approx. 4 years to complete his book ‘4556’, so called because it covers the whole postcode area: Forest Glen, Sippy Downs, and Buderim. Some of the photos in the book were provided by the Historical Assoc., however, Ross took all the recent ones, some using a drone.

All proceeds from the book, which is available at the Old Post Office, will be returned to the Community.


What a great meeting we had today: induction of a new member & a very interesting guest speaker.

IMP Lynne, New Member Paul & President Clive

Our club readily welcomed Paul Marek as our newest Member. Paul has already been contributing to Club life by helping out at our Jazz in The Park BBQ, as well as putting in a stellar performance as OC Vegemite Toast at our Buderim Mountain SS Breaky Club assistance.

Paul is our 3rd new member in the past few months, &, along with the others, adds a welcome new dimension to Club life. New members create a dynamic atmosphere. Welcome Paul!

Adam Barrett, Director of BMSS OSHC & President Clive

Our Guest Speaker, Adam Barrett, is the Director of Buderim Mountain SS OSHC, & his presentation on what an integral part of the school system OSHC is, & the vital support it offers families at the school was very interesting. A recent audit audit of the program confirmed how lucky we are to have Adam & his team providing this service.

Adam is also a foster carer, & the brief glimpse he gave us into some of the tragic circumstances surrounding children entering in to this system was heartbreaking. It is wonderful to know that people of Adam’s caliber are providing a stable, loving family life to some of these children, offering them the chance of a very fulfilling, happy & successful future.


Maureen Mulligan, President Clive Shepherd & Christine Donohue

Thankyou to Maureen & Christine from Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance for coming along to our meeting on Friday to tell us more about this very important initiative. Christine is the Community Liaison Officer for the organization, & Maureen is the interim President.

We heard how the organization has been successful in gaining formal recognition from Dementia Australia as the first Qld Dementia Alliance as actively working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation. Their vision is to promote this status to other local Sunshine Coast communities and support and assist them to create their own local Dementia Friendly recognised Community.

With the wider area becoming more Dementia Friendly, Dementia Alliance envisage being leaders in this space and further influence the Sunshine Coast Council, Chamber of Commerce members and Sunshine Coast transport & travel services in becoming Dementia Aware and Dementia Friendly. The ‘Big Picture’ is to have the Sunshine Coast destination known and respected for being inclusive for all disabilities and especially for those Living with Dementia.


Another fantastic Jazz in The Park event run by the BWMCA. They estimate around 3000+ people in attendance & the park was certainly alive. Wonderful music & delicious food.

Our club was out in full force with most of our members helping to sizzle up some yummy burgers. The feedback was along the lines of amazement that our cooks were not ‘hatted’!

There’s quite a lot of work involved with these BBQs, however, the camaraderie, the public exposure & the money raised all help our club to keep ticking along doing the great work we do for our community & those in need.


Alexia Hoffman, or Chappy as she is called by the students at the Buderim Mountain State School, graciously agreed to be our Guest Speaker on Friday, and we were delighted to find out more about her role at the school, and a bit about herself.

Alexia explained that a lot of what she does is about listening to both students and their parents.  She is also sometimes approached by teachers to assist with a student for varying reasons.  Alexia has 15 years experience as a school chaplain and this has provided the many skills that have helped in learning to relate to and be understanding of others.

Pink Bus Launch

The Rotary Club of Buderim is a proud supporter of the Maroochy Neighborhood Centre & the fantastic work they do with those in our community doing it tough. Today we were happy to sizzle up a few sausages for the long-awaited launch of the Pink Bus.

The bus will provide safe, nightly accommodation for women & children. The build of the bus was funded by MNC, & will compliment the men’s blue bus which has been in operation for some time.

Good on you MNC!