We’re winding down from Sunday’s fantastic Jazz in The Park event.  Congratulations BWMCA – what a day!

We had far more helpers than we needed at our Burger BBQ on Sunday, with most of our members on site, as well as many of their spouses.  Were they keen to help or was it the lure of the brilliant entertainment and wonderful atmosphere (or perhaps they just didn’t want to miss out on one of our great burgers).  A lot of hard work goes into preparing and running these BBQs, but the rewards far outweigh the effort:  great company and camaraderie, community exposure, and the money raised helps us to continue the work we do to help those less fortunate.  We had a number of people ask us about membership in our club, so fingers crossed our friendly invite will see them joining us for lunch at this week’s meeting to see if Rotary membership might be something they’d enjoy.

As we continue to cook up a hot breakfast at Maroochy Neighbourhood Centre, we notice the increase in the number of those ‘living tough’ in the area.  Their gratitude at receiving a simple breaky burger is humbling and each of us is reminded of how lucky we are to have a roof over our head and a safe, warm bed to sleep in. 

The launch of the ‘Pink Bus’ saw us back at the centre firing up the BBQ.  This bus is specifically designed to provide a safe sleeping facility for women and children only and will complement the Blue Bus which has been in use for some time now. 

We have had some wonderful Guest Speakers at our meetings this month:  Chappy Alexia from Buderim Mountain SS told us a little about herself and the role she plays at the school.  We are certainly lucky to have someone of her calibre providing this much-needed service to our local primary school children and their families.  In these challenging times the supportive role she plays is an integral part of the school community. 

We enjoyed a very interesting presentation from Stuart Aires on his trip to the Everest base camp in Nepal and the challenges he faced along the way.  Not something for the faint-hearted. 

Last Friday we forwent our usual meeting to attend the BWMCA unveiling of the plaque for Cpl Daniel Keighran VC.  What an outstanding man and a fabulous event.  Our Club Members were honoured to pay homage to such an exceptional individual.  After the ceremony we all enjoyed lunch at Somewhere on Buderim.

In October the Club is heading up to Pomona to catch a silent movie at the Majestic Theatre, followed by lunch at the Pomona pub.  This will be in lieu of our regular Friday meeting on the 20th. Tomorrow the ladies in the club are off to Secrets on The Lake for one of our regular lunch outings.  The number of us attending these luncheons continues to grow and it has become a much-enjoyed regular activity. 

The Australia Day Committee is ramping it up in preparation for the Picnic in The Park once again in January.  The event will be huge next year, and we are very excited about being able to bring this to the Buderim community. Think exceptional, live entertainment, great food and community displays and spectacular fireworks!

Once again, our thanks to BWMCA for organizing the fantastic Jazz in The Park!