Cath Manuel ‘Soil to Supper’

Cath Manuel presents on ‘Soil to Supper’

What a great Guest Speaker at Friday’s meeting! Cath Manuel is a Horticulturist specializing in Therapeutic Horticulture. Through her business ‘Soil to Supper’, Cath delivers onsite garden-based programs to enable people from all walks of life to access garden, engage in activities, grow fresh food, build connections & cultivate wellbeing.
Cath has a great passion for sharing her vast knowledge, & many years of experience, in the Horticulture & Therapeutic Horticulture fields to encourage people of all ages & abilities to experience the joy of gardening & growing healthy food in any setting.

President Clive thanks Guest Speaker Cath Manuel for her very interesting presentation.

Thanks, Cath, for a wonderful presentation. The photos in your presentation indicate what a difference your program can make.

If you’d like to hear interesting speakers such as Cath, feel free to contact us to book a place for lunch at our Friday meeting.