Maureen Mulligan, President Clive Shepherd & Christine Donohue

Thankyou to Maureen & Christine from Sunshine Coast Dementia Alliance for coming along to our meeting on Friday to tell us more about this very important initiative. Christine is the Community Liaison Officer for the organization, & Maureen is the interim President.

We heard how the organization has been successful in gaining formal recognition from Dementia Australia as the first Qld Dementia Alliance as actively working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly organisation. Their vision is to promote this status to other local Sunshine Coast communities and support and assist them to create their own local Dementia Friendly recognised Community.

With the wider area becoming more Dementia Friendly, Dementia Alliance envisage being leaders in this space and further influence the Sunshine Coast Council, Chamber of Commerce members and Sunshine Coast transport & travel services in becoming Dementia Aware and Dementia Friendly. The ‘Big Picture’ is to have the Sunshine Coast destination known and respected for being inclusive for all disabilities and especially for those Living with Dementia.