Friday night saw our club once again gathering together to celebrate Christmas & another great year. These Christmas parties seem to come around quicker each year, which isn’t such a bad thing seeing as they are so much fun!

A couple of weeks to rest up & then full steam ahead for Australia Day.

President Clive reflects on a great year for our club.

Malcolm is a little surprised by his Kris Kringle Gift…

Malcolm’s wife, Sarah, trying to talk him in to swapping gifts, but …too late, he’s smitten with the bracelets!

Will he ever remove those bracelets?
Is Lynne telling another rude joke?
Annette & President Clive. What? No wine in sight? Very strange!

Annette looking very pleased with her gft.

Hold tight to that gift, Ken, because President Clive looks ready to snatch it.

Graham on the hunt for the best gift. Clive does seem to be hovering around that gift table a bit?

David looks very happy, while Clive appears to be looking for a year? On a doz@$99 bottle?
Newest Member Mark & his lovely wife LJ getting right into the Christmas spirit.

The ladies looking very demure.

Rick & June enjoying the evening.

Bob & Keith sporting their bon-bon hats.