Today’s Guest Speaker was both informative & entertaining.

Steve Baines is a native freshwater fish expert, and author of children’s books, who has been a fixture at the Brisbane Exhibition for nearly four decades, presiding over one of the lesser known attractions of ‘Fish Aquariums’.
Born in England he came to Australia as a small boy with his family and immediately took to the creeks and waterways in the Pine Rivers area north of Brisbane. A boyhood hobby turned into a glorious obsession which turned into a lucrative career, as well as earning him a sort of sub cultural celebrity.
Steve has lost count of the number of times he has won the highly coveted red, white and blue rosette annually bestowed on the Ekka Pisciculture Competition “Grand Champion,’’ but he knows it’s more than 10.
Steve’s book, ‘I Believe in Rainbows’, aims to educate young children on the need to take care of our local waterways and wildlife, whilst bringing a fun loving bundle of new characters to life.