One of the adorable Story Dogs used in the program

“Back in the day’ us Mums would volunteer to assist with those students who were having reading difficulties. The kids would be called out of the class one after another & slink out feeling ashamed at their perceived inadequacies. Story Dogs is changing that with those students participating in the program being the envy of their classmates.

At today’s meeting Suzie & Julie-Anne from Story Dogs gave us a wonderful presentation about the work that the organization is doing, Australia wide. Story Dogs is all about volunteers & their dogs going in to schools & encouraging those students who are struggling with their reading to read to the dogs. And if the dogs the ladies brought with them today are in indication of the ones used in the program, it’s no wonder the kids are loving it. No longer dreading the whole experience of having to read aloud, the children are excited at the prospect.

The program is very successful with both parents & teachers lauding the results. With the literacy rates in Australia being deplorably low for a developed country, this is a great way to incite a passion for reading at a young age.


Suzie & Julie-Anne from Story Dogs