Tovertafel Demonstration

We enjoyed a very fun & interactive presentation today from Karolina Korykowska from Leef Independant Living Solutions. Karolina’s demonstration of the Tovertafel system had our members ‘virtually’ fishing, playing ‘catch’ with puppies, & (very competitively) playing soccer.

The Tovertafel 2 from Tover is a beautiful piece of interactive technology made to provide many moments of happiness to people living with dementia or an intellectual disability.

It is a beautiful innovation that helps connect people with each other and with their surroundings providing stimulation on three levels – social, cognitive, and physical. The Tovertafel also aims to improve conversation opportunities and self-esteem while helping them to interact in a positive way with other people and their environment.

Thankyou, Karolina, for a very enjoyable presentation.