Cathy, David & Annette enjoying displaying their culinary prowess at the MNC Community Day.

We always enjoy the opportunity to help out the Maroochy Neighborhood Centre when they’re in need of a couple of BBQ chefs extraordinaire. The camaraderie at these events, with staff & customers (& ourselves) is always an absolute pleasure.

Thanks for inviting us, Mark, & we look forward to the next one.


The crew: Annette, Joan, Rick, Ken, Clive, Lynne & Cathy

The Rotary Club of Buderim is involved in many local community events, but firing up the BBQ always guarantees a good time. Not only does it help out the organization holding the event, but it allows us to raise some funds which go back into our community support. It’s also pretty obvious that we enjoy ourselves.

Thankyou to everyone who supported us today at the Buderim Gardens open day. A wonderful day!

Dr Rachael Sharman

At today’s meeting we were privileged to have Dr Rachael Sharman, a senior lecturer and researcher in psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast, specialising in child and adolescent development, conduct a fascinating presentation on the effects of excessive ‘screen time’ on children.

Prior to her career in academia, Dr Sharman worked for over 15 years in a variety of child-related fields including child protection, juvenile justice (forensics), disability, advocacy and genetic research.

Dr Sharman’s research is focused on the optimal and healthy development of the paediatric brain and she has published over 30 peer reviewed journal articles, two book chapters and is a volume editor for The Encyclopedia of Child and Adolescent Development. Dr Sharman is a co-author with Assoc Prof Michael Nagel of “Becoming Autistic: How Technology is Altering the Minds of the Next Generation”

Dr Sharman is an enthusiastic and engaging public speaker with a weekly guest expert segment on ABC radio, and appears in a variety of media such as newspapers, magazines (including Time) and television (including news, The Project, SBS Insight).

The Platypus Whisperer

Today we had a very interesting presentation by Neil Andison, from ‘Platypus Whispers’. Neil has been studying & photographing the platypus in the Obi Creek at Maleny for over a decade, and has a wealth of knowledge of the animals themselves & their habits.

Neil conducts guided tours in the area which also is believed to contain over 10% of known plant species, over 25% of known mammal species (including the world’s only Monotremes, i.e. Platypus & Echidna), & over 50% of known bird species.

To organize a tour with Neil, phone 0412 518 952.

Dr Tegan Keogh Audiologist

Dr Tegan Keogh addresses our club meeting

Dr Tegan Keogh is a clinical audiologist with PHd qualifications & has published in international journals.

She has 20 years experience working with adults & children with hearing impairment. She currently guest lectures at Griffith Uni & is founding director of Hear Check, a local audiology practice in Maroochydore.

Tegan’s presentation was very interesting, with the club keen to invite her back for more information on this very interesting field of study & practice.


What a great day at the inaugural Jazz in The Park organized by the BWMCA. Thousands flocked out to enjoy the beautiful weather & fantastic music. No doubt this will become a highly anticipated yearly event.

The smell of sizzling sausages & onions must have got the taste buds tingling judging by the steady flow of locals lining up for a BBQ sausage.

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be involved in these events because, not only does it allow us to raise funds which go back into our community to those in need, but we also have a great time! This is the reason we belong to the Rotary Club of Buderim, so that we can be involved in local events, help those in need, enjoy the camaraderie, & Oh yes, get front row seats!

Food Donation for MNC

As the cost of living skyrockets, more & more people on The Coast are finding it virtually impossible to make ends meet, with many finding themselves homeless for the first time in their lives.

Harrowing statistics of over 40,000 homeless women alone in Qld over the age of 55 with nowhere to live.

As the need continues to grow, Maroochy Neighborhood Centre & the services they provide are in even greater demand, so our club members have been bringing along non-perishable, grocery items to each meeting. Today we were very happy to be able to donate a boot-load of food for our locals in need.

PAULINE CASS – Family Historian

Dates & names are just the building blocks you start with.

As they say: it’s about the dash between the birth & death dates.

Pauleen Cass is a family historian with a passion for discovering and recording the stories of her ancestors’ lives. It must be a passion because she’s been researching for 36 years!  She is a Queenslander with family roots that go back to the 1850s. Her immigrant ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Bavaria. She has published the story of her Kunkel-O’Brien family and also records her discoveries in her blog, Family History Across the Seas.

We were honored to have Pauline conduct a very interesting presentation at our club meeting today. A fascinating insight into the family research phenomenon which has besotted so many people with a passion to delve into, & record, the history of their ancestors.

Pauline told us some wonderful stories about her own research, & also how to start researching & the plethora of information resources currently available.

Thankyou Pauline! A fascinating presentation.

Sue Ferguson from Sunny Street

Sue Ferguson, the Director of Clinical Services at Sunny Street in Maroochydore, came along to our meeting on Friday to tell us a little more about the services offered by Sunny Street to those in our community experiencing homelessness & vulnerability, & have barriers accessing health care.

Through supportive conversation, Sunny Street staff provide non-judgmental holistic support, aiming to break down the barriers to accessing healthcare & empower individuals to make their own informed choices about their health & wellbeing.

These are just some of the service offered by Sunny Street:

  • Conversations & empowerment
  • Listening & advice
  • General health assessments
  • Mental health plans
  • Chronic disease management
  • Wound care
  • Immunizations
  • Cervical screening
  • Health education & promotion
  • Treatments for sexually transmitted infections
  • Referral to services
  • Social prescriptions & more…

Thankyou, Sue, for taking the time to tell us more about Sunny Street. A fantastic group of dedicated professionals providing a much-needed service to the vulnerable in our community.


It’s traditional for new members to our club to take on the role of Guest Speaker at a meeting shortly after they join, to tell us a little about themselves & help members get to know them better. And although Errol is well known to many of our members through either his involvement with Rotary, at all levels, or his involvement in our local Buderim community, our knowledge of his past was scant.

Errol has had a varied & interesting past, with much of it spent in the mining industry. His insight into how mining practices have changed over the years was fascinating.

Errol was a member of Manchester Unity for many years, & was instrumental in setting up the Manchester Unity Health Fund many years ago.

Nowadays he is very much involved in our local community including being the President of the BWMCA and, of course, a very welcome member of the Rotary Club of Buderim.