PAULINE CASS – Family Historian

Dates & names are just the building blocks you start with.

As they say: it’s about the dash between the birth & death dates.

Pauleen Cass is a family historian with a passion for discovering and recording the stories of her ancestors’ lives. It must be a passion because she’s been researching for 36 years!  She is a Queenslander with family roots that go back to the 1850s. Her immigrant ancestors came from Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales and Bavaria. She has published the story of her Kunkel-O’Brien family and also records her discoveries in her blog, Family History Across the Seas.

We were honored to have Pauline conduct a very interesting presentation at our club meeting today. A fascinating insight into the family research phenomenon which has besotted so many people with a passion to delve into, & record, the history of their ancestors.

Pauline told us some wonderful stories about her own research, & also how to start researching & the plethora of information resources currently available.

Thankyou Pauline! A fascinating presentation.