The Science Experience

The Rotary Club of Buderim has a proud history of helping our local students to participate in programs designed to set them on the path to their chosen careers. We are proud to say that we have approved the applications for sponsorship from 10 of our local students to participate in The Science Experience.
Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.
The program takes place in universities and tertiary institutions, within many different laboratories and lecture theatres. Participants perform experiments in the laboratories, meet and hear senior lecturers in the lecture theatres, attend site visits and walk around and experience what it is like to be on the campus of a university or tertiary institution.
More than 84,000 students have taken this rare opportunity, up to date.

The program also provides information about further studies in science, technology and engineering. It highlights the wide range of careers that allow students to pursue their interest and abilities in the sciences.

One aspect of the program often commented on by participants is the opportunity to meet and share ideas with students from different schools.

Just another example of Buderim Rotary proudly working to the benefit of our local community.


The presentation of Vocational Excellence Awards by the Rotary Club of Buderim gives us the opportunity to highlight those members of our local community, whether it be individuals or businesses, who provide us all with great service.

At Friday’s presentation we were proud to present awards to the following:

Caltex Service Station Kunda Park – Team Award – accepted by Don Alchin – for “Cheery, efficient & timely service to the community.”

BWMCA Volunteer Award – Steven Cottingham, for “Helpful & pleasant & a great front-door presence to Buderim Visitors.”

Hearcheck Audiologist – Courtney Ayres, for “Gentle, considerate & consultative approach in determining client’s needs are met.”

Fusion Op-Shop Buderim Team – accepted by Michelle Valori – for “A well presented op-shop run by dedicated, friendly & helpful volunteers.”

Rue Bourbon Team – “Friendly staff, fantastic service & great coffee.”

Somewhere on Buderim – Hana & Minh Pham – “Hard-working, welcoming & the best Vietnamese food tasted.”

TM Estate Agents – Karen Nichols, Sammee-Jo Cantrell, Ebony McCulloch – nominated by Tanya Montgomery for Karen’s compassionate, kind & considerate approach to her clients. Sammee-Jo’s exceptional office manager with unique people & organizational skills. Ebony’s ability to balance the needs & concerns of landlords & tenants with patience & professionalism.”

Buderim Eyecare Plus – Karan Riley – “Friendly & efficient service in a knowledgeable & patient manner.”

Coffee Club Staff Member – Angie Dand – “Always happy, cheerful & competent in her various roles.”

Emily Agius – Fitness & Exercise Coach – “A qualified fitness & exercise coach who is popular with staff & clientele with her professionalism & helpfulness.”

North Coffee House Team – accepted by Gary Burness – Excellent food & service delivered by a cheerful & exceptional team.”

Congratulations to you all, your community is grateful for your service.

Grab Life By The Balls

Sam Parker from Grab Life By The Balls

As the driving force behind the instigation of the Buderim Men’s Shed, our Club has a long history of supporting men’s mental health. For this reason we were particularly interested in finding out more about one of the newer support initiatives for men, Grab Life By The Balls.
Sam & Larry gave us a great presentation introducing us to the work they are doing to provide targeted support, how the initiative started, & its expanding reach.
Based on a very simple concept of blokes getting together in a casual, fun setting, to simply ‘shoot the breeze’, & providing a supportive environment where men can feel comfortable to open up, share experiences & concerns, confident that they’re not alone in dealing with issues. Or…just simply enjoy time with mates. All very therapeutic.
Thankyou, Sam & Larry, for the great work you are doing in our community for an issue which is in desperate need of addressing.

MNC Flour Donation

President Lynne, Joan & Cathy drop off the baking goods donation

We enjoy being able to help the MNC continue their great work with those in need on The Coast. They put out a call for baking goods, so we raided the supermarket shelves!

That’s the easy part. The real hard work is done by the marvellous caterers at MNC who turn these goods into the delicious meals they serve twice a week to those facing extreme hardship in the area.


Today’s Guest Speaker was both informative & entertaining.

Steve Baines is a native freshwater fish expert, and author of children’s books, who has been a fixture at the Brisbane Exhibition for nearly four decades, presiding over one of the lesser known attractions of ‘Fish Aquariums’.
Born in England he came to Australia as a small boy with his family and immediately took to the creeks and waterways in the Pine Rivers area north of Brisbane. A boyhood hobby turned into a glorious obsession which turned into a lucrative career, as well as earning him a sort of sub cultural celebrity.
Steve has lost count of the number of times he has won the highly coveted red, white and blue rosette annually bestowed on the Ekka Pisciculture Competition “Grand Champion,’’ but he knows it’s more than 10.
Steve’s book, ‘I Believe in Rainbows’, aims to educate young children on the need to take care of our local waterways and wildlife, whilst bringing a fun loving bundle of new characters to life.


Our guest speaker at yesterday’s meeting was Mal Cayley from Homes for Everyone.

An expert in his field, Mal has decades of experience when it comes to property and real estate. He uses defined skills acquired through his extensive military background as an Army Intelligence Officer to deeply analyze data and information to form strategic research on what is happening in the current and future property markets.

Mal Cayley from Homes for Everyone addresses our meeting

His ability to correctly predict what others can’t by drilling into data and observing trends has cemented Mal as a market intelligence specialist across all mediums of media. Mal is passionate about using his research and knowledge to drive positive change for the community, by educating both residents and all levels of government on how we can best plan for the future to ensure our way of life is preserved while accommodating the masses predicted to move to the Sunshine Coast. 

Mal is the Director, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Research at the Direct Collective and Founder and Lead Advocate for the Homes for Everyone initiative.

We’re all aware of the housing crisis, but to hear it quantified, & short-term predictions based on the statistics, is quite alarming.

When asked what we could do to help, Mal encouraged us all to take 15 seconds to go on to the Homes for Everyone website and register our concern over the housing crisis existing here on the Sunshine Coast. With enough concern shown, Mal believes that the local, state & federal authorities will start considering real, practical solutions rather than simple, ineffective, political Band-Aids.

New BBQ for MNC

Community Service Director Ken & President Lynne, proudly present MNC Manager Mark Ellis with a new BBQ for the centre.

The Rotary Club of Buderim is very proud to have presented the Maroochy Neighborhood Centre with a new BBQ.
Our club mans the BBQ when the centre holds their ‘Care’ days for the homeless & those in need on The Coast, & now, with a brand new BBQ, we will be helping them to provide regular breakfasts.
The MNC provides a much-needed service in our community, & with the current cost of living & housing crisis, the demands on their service have never been greater. The Rotary Club of Buderim is proud to be able to assist them whenever possible.


Cindy Scott, CEO of CanSurvive

There are very few people who have not been touched by cancer in their lives. On Friday we were privileged to have author, podcast host, coach and CEO of Cansurvive Australia, Cindy Scott, as our guest speaker.
Cansurvive is a holistic cancer support service here on the Sunshine Coast, & when Cindy was invited to lead this charity in September last year, there was no hesitation as its mission so closely aligns with her personal mission to empower others challenged by cancer.

Cindy’s personal journey in fighting a diagnosis of cancer twice, is inspiring, and her enthusiasm in sharing her journey in the hope of helping others is commendable.


Clive, the Chauffeur, looking very smug, & why wouldn’t he with such delightful passengers?

Thankyou to Keith & Lynn for organizing our wonderful Adventure Car Rally on Sunday. It was lovely sharing the day with the Probus Members. 

Clive was the envy of all sharing his car with Lynne, Joan & Cathy. His sporadic 3-point turns (with absolutely no consideration for line of sight in either direction), certainly kept us on our toes, & did have us wondering if perhaps he wanted to escape at all costs? Or, perhaps he was distracted by our lively & intelligent (& constant), witty conversation (or Paul’s shirt?)?

Nevertheless, winners are grinners & we graciously accepted 2nd place knowing all too well that “a baby pigeon is in fact called a squab” & therefore we were possibly within our rights to contest the outcome. But who would dare question the authority of the judging panel with their combined experience in education being somewhat intimidating?

But 2nd place prize being wine & chocolates, we were happy to concede defeat.

Who would argue with a rather daunting, ex-headmaster?

PNG Tribal Foundation

Maggie Hunter from PNG Tribal Foundation

Today we had an interesting presentation from Maggie Hunter about the Tribal Foundation and its work in PNG.

Over the past 10 years, the foundation has successfully implemented a variety of high-impact projects that range from the delivery of $25M USD of medical supplies to a national campaign addressing gender-based violence and sorcery accusation-related violence. Their top priority is leadership development because they are passionate about nation transformation.

The foundation is working to change, through education & leadership training, many culturally accepted ideologies which justify the horrific treatment of women in some parts of PNG.

To find out more, go to