Rotary Club of Buderim

‘Service Above Self’…while having fun!

The days of Rotary clubs being for business people in suits, networking, are long gone – at least for The Rotary Club of Buderim. We are a group of friendly, local people who share a desire to be involved in our community knowing that we make a positive difference in Buderim, in Australia & across the globe. Our ethos is ‘service above self’ – while having fun!

If you enjoy local events like Australia Day in Buderim, the Buderim Street Party, Buderim Carols in The Park, and our Book & Puzzle Fair, and you feel that you would enjoy participating in the organization of these events, then membership in the Rotary Club of Buderim is possibly right up your alley!

If you are new to The Sunshine Coast and looking for a way to become involved in the local community, while making wonderful friendships, there is no better way than by joining Rotary.

“… some of the world’s happiest people are those who think outside of themselves. These people are active in their community.

They seek opportunities to help other people; taking vicarious pleasure in others’ wellbeing and joy. Such people give much of themselves and are aware of the positive impact they can have on others.

Self-esteem and self-awareness, along with the emotional quotient (EQ) is improved by developing genuine care and concern for other people and thinking beyond oneself.

Whilst depression is complicated and vastly different for distinct individuals, the involvement in sports, recreation and community projects are active strategies and a way forward to lift one’s mood and to start thinking beyond the ego.

  • BMUIR – Buderim Chronicle 9th Sept 2019

Don’t put it off any longer. Take the plunge today. It’s a phone call that could be life-changing.

Contact us today. We love having visitors to our club meetings.